Ask Chauntel is the mom lifestyle advice blog for Christian women, natural moms, girl bosses, and YouTube mom influencers who value creating meaning in their lives, relationships, businesses, and personal brands.

I am here to empower women with inspiration, advice, education, coaching, and resources to build a healthy, happy, balance between love, motherhood, family, and business branding with online video.

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Latest & featured posts from the Blog!

New Video: Mental Health Habits & Wellness Tips During Coronavirus – Ask Chauntel (Hope)

In this video, I share at home mental health habits and wellness tips to overcome the fear, anxiety, and depression from the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and quarantine. 

New Video: Natural Mom and Wife Lifestyle Entrepreneur – Life Coach for Women – Ask Chauntel (YouTube Trailer)

Hey it’s Chauntel, here’s my YouTube Trailer for my natural mom and wife lifestyle entrepreneur channel! I am a life and business coach for women.

New Video: BLOG vs YOUTUBE Channel 2020 – Which should I start? (Girl Boss)

There is so much information out there on starting a blog and starting a YouTube channel, but which is right for you, girl boss? Which platform should you choose to put your time into? As a YouTuber with a blog, I have much to say about this! Let’s get into it!

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Ask Chauntel is a mom lifestyle blog, advice column, and consulting company for new moms, girl bosses, and Christian women. I provide advice and support for the whole woman for personal branding, mama wellness, natural living as new or pregnant mom, establishing attainable relationship goals, and providing cute fashion inspiration on a budget.

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