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Look out Nick Jonas, it looks like your older brother Joe might be making a move on your x-supermodel girlfriend, Gigi Hadid. MailOnline reported that Nick and Gigi dated on and off during 2012 and 2013.

GC Images Nick & Gigi
GC Images Nick & Gigi

Rumor has it that Joe Jonas has been spending a considerable amount of time with the beautiful Sports Illustrated model!

When it comes to sibling rivalry this is not an area you want to get caught up in. Much can be forgiven, but when it comes to love and relationships this can prove to be a bit more challenging.

So here is my advice to Joe. Even-though, the girl might be gorgeous, and you may also love what you see inside, no girl is worth causing tension between brothers.

It may seem easier to date Gigi, because she is familiar. However, it can be limiting to stay in your comfort zone and not take the time to explore new relationships.

In order to grow and prosper sometimes we have to take ourselves our of our comfort zones and see how the grass is on the other side.

Nick and Joe Jonas - by RadarOnlineA relationship between brothers must be strong. You must consider how it makes your brother feel to know that you are dating his EX. Even if he says ok, it is never ok.

So lets not be selfish, there are plenty of beautiful women out there waiting in line to be your boo!

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